Here are the 6 great benefits of the face mask with turmeric, milk, honey and lemon. It is very easy to prepare and also easy to apply with really extraordinary results after only a few applications. Try it, surely you won’t regret it!

I- How to prepare a face mask with turmeric, milk, honey and lemon?

If you too want to have a brand new look and long lasting results on your facial skin, it is very important to know a reliable mask recipe that you can make at home in order to enjoy the benefits that nature has in store for us.

One of the best face masks is indeed the one that is made of turmeric, milk, honey and lemon. Powerful natural ingredients for long lasting and effective results.

In order to make this face pack at home you will need to follow the following dosages:

Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 2 teaspoons of milk, dilute it and add 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon.

Mix well and apply directly to your face with a brush.

Leave it on your face for a minimum of 15 minutes so that the skin absorbs the elements it needs and gets rid of its imperfections and dead skin.

Then rinse off

Another option you can do from time to time is to massage your face with a few drops of pure olive oil after just rinsing and cleansing it.

It’s that simple!

II- Benefits of the face mask with turmeric, milk, honey and lemon

1) Hydration

As this mask is made of milk, it will offer your skin an exceptional hydration due to the proteins it contains.

Mixed with honey, known for its moisturizing powers for both skin and hair, it is a real moisturizing action for your skin to find a baby complexion and a voluptuous mine.

2) Anti-wrinkle

Because of the anti-oxidant power of turmeric, the mask we have just suggested is ideal to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

The antioxidant effect simply means that it prevents oxidation in our skin cells, in order to avoid premature aging of the latter.

The moisturizing action mentioned above also helps the skin to stay young and swells the upper layers of the epidermis, thus providing a tailor-made rejuvenating effect.

3) Diminishing pimples and acne

Honey is a powerful anti-bacterial that will allow you to fight against the bacteria responsible for the proliferation of pimples and acne in general.

The lemon, with its acidity, will allow your skin to regain an acceptable PH and eliminate acne pimples and any trace of eczema smoothly.

4) Sebum regulation

As mentioned above, the acidity of the lemon helps to regulate the PH of our skin, because it is the latter that is responsible for the appearance of greasy traces on our skin by increasing the secretion of sebum if it is not in the norm.

Honey and turmeric offer a hydration that will allow your skin not to feel aggressive and regulate the rate of sebum secretion.

5) Skin lightening

Lemon has been known for generations and generations for its benefits on our health and beauty.

Due to its natural acidity, it helps to exfoliate the skin and get rid of all those little dead skins that make the complexion dull, the turmeric will help you to find a bright and healthy glow.

The mixture of this mask is ideal to find a soft and clear skin, because each of its components makes it possible to attack a well targeted problem and to eradicate it.

It is a sequence of powerful and natural actions that allow the cells to renew themselves and get rid of pollution and impurities that in the long run lead to skin problems that are difficult to get rid of easily.

6) Action on blackheads

Honey combined with lemon and turmeric helps to regulate the sebum level and the PH of the skin while deep cleaning your pores.

As results, you will have immediately a clearer skin, a reduction of the quantity of buttons and black spots as well as a perfect softness due to a hydration on the long run.

It is by doing this mask once or twice a week that you will easily find a difference between your old damaged skin and your new soft skin.

III- Precautions for use

It is necessary to proportion the various components of your mask well in order to avoid putting too much turmeric which could irritate your skin.

It is also advisable to test the mask on a small part of your body, such as your wrist, to make sure you are not allergic to any of the mask’s components.

Finally, avoid using this type of mask if your skin is too sensitive to avoid any risk of irritation and mishaps.

Nature is beautiful but it can harm us if we don’t control it.

And if you have any doubt about your allergies, ask your doctor for advice.

IV- Other derivations of the recipe

# Turmeric and honey for skin lightening

For this recipe two ingredients may suffice, a tablespoon of turmeric and half a spoon of honey.

Mix the turmeric and honey in a bowl, then turn until you get a rather firm paste.

All you have to do is apply the turmeric mask to your cleansed face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Turmeric and honey mask would allow in addition to the brightening of the face to:

  • reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • even out the complexion
  • give a glow to the complexion
  • fade pigmentation spots

# Turmeric and lemon for skin whitening

Exfoliation is the method that allows the exfoliation of dead cells in the upper layers of the epidermis.

The skin cells are born in the inner layers of the skin and then move to the upper layers where they will die on the surface.

That’s why it’s a good idea to scrub from time to time to get rid of those dead skin cells that still cling to the skin.

This mask combines turmeric, which inhibits the production of melanin (skin pigment), and lemon and cucumber juices, which have brightening properties.

In a bowl, place:

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric;
  • 5 teaspoons of lemon juice;
  • 3 teaspoons cucumber juice, optional.

Mix these 3 ingredients until you get a firm and creamy paste.

Apply the resulting paste to your face.

Leave on for at least 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and then apply your usual cream.

# Turmeric, milk and honey mask for acne

This is the same recipe as the one proposed in this article, but without the lemon.

Its role is to reduce the production of sebum and to regulate the ph of the skin.

It is thus very effective to reduce the buttons of the face and erase the scars caused by the acne.

V- How long to keep turmeric, milk, honey and lemon mask on face

It is recommended to leave this mask on for at least 15 minutes. You can go up to 30 minutes if you can bear the product that tickles you.

You can also, after rinsing the face, put one or two drops of olive oil and make a soft massage.

Your skin will be radiantly beautiful and silky smooth after a while of using this recipe.

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