Here are 8 natural remedies to soothe nettle stings on a dog. Natural ingredients and products within everyone’s reach that are highly effective in relieving our pet’s pain.

I- Symptoms of stinging nettle poisoning in dogs

It can be complicated to know if your dog has been in contact with nettles. Nevertheless, some signs can inform you, and help you find out.

First of all, the presence of nettles in your area is a clue. Then, if your dog scratches himself in a pronounced way and licks himself, it will be again a sign. You can also inspect him. If there is any irritation on his skin or redness, you can easily assume that your dog has been in contact with nettles.

II. 8 natural remedies to soothe nettle stings on a dog

1. Does vinegar help nettle stings?

Vinegar is what you might call a home remedy for nettle stings. Its use is quite easy.

Just apply a little to the affected areas. So look in your dog’s hair, and spot the stings.

With a cotton ball soaked in vinegar, tap on it. Leave it on for 5 minutes. You can use white vinegar.

2. Does Aloe Vera Gel help with nettle stings?

Because aloe vera is an emollient, it works on bites and relieves irritated skin. So you can use it if your dog gets stung by nettles.

Apply aloe vera gel to your pet’s irritated skin. Apply it three times a day to enhance the effect of this plant.

3. Wild onion and nettle stings

To use wild onion to soothe your dog, cut an onion in half. You should then apply one half to the skin to be treated, and rub it in.

You will see for yourself that your dog will be soothed, it itching less strong.

4. The plantain

In the case of nettle stings, you can apply plantain leaves to the affected parts. Just rub the leaves on the stings for about 5 minutes.

This is a very old remedy that has proven to be effective. Normally, you will see your dog calm down right after. This roadside plant is easy to recognize.

Its green leaves are both pointed and fleshy. Also, plantain usually grows next to nettle.

5. How do you neutralize nettle stings with camphorated alcohol?

You can use camphorated alcohol in cases of nettle stings. With the help of a cotton ball soaked in this solution, rub gently on the stung areas.

This product also acts on bruises and wounds. You can also make it yourself, by mixing 10 g of camphor with 90 g of 70° alcohols. A product that will soothe your dog’s itching and yours.

6. Baking soda for nettle stings

Mix baking soda with water and apply the paste to the nettle sting area. Wait for the paste to dry, then rinse the skin.

This is a remedy that will soothe your dog fairly quickly. It also works on other types of insect bites.

7. Ground ivy for nettle stinging

Ground ivy can also be useful for nettle stings and itching. You need fresh ground ivy leaves.

Knead them in your hands, before putting them on the skin irritated by the stings. Normally, your dog should feel better right after.

8. Essential oils for stinging nettle relief

If you have them, essential oils are great for soothing nettle-stung skin. To soothe your dog, try a blend of essential oils to apply to his skin.

Use lavender aspic essential oil or chamomile essential oil. Mix a few drops of one of these two oils with vegetable oil, and put it on the skin. As a vegetable oil, you can choose between oils such as coconut or olive oil.

III. Why the dog’s pads are the most itchy?

The dog’s paw pads are the itchiest part of the dog’s anatomy because they are the first to come in contact with the nettle.

Moreover, especially in young dogs, these are still sensitive areas. Over time, the dog’s pads will become firmer, and will normally be less sensitive to nettle stings.

IV. Causes of stinging nettle poisoning in dogs?

Nettle stings are caused by the particular composition of this plant. There are hollow hairs that cover the stems and leaves of the nettle.

These hairs are very fragile and break off as soon as they come into contact with the skin. Through this contact, the acid it contains, similar to formic acid, passes from the nettle to the skin.

The liquid in the nettle is a mixture of serotonin, histamine, formic acid, and acetylcholine.

This combination, as soon as it enters the skin, causes redness, burning, and itching.

V. How long does a nettle sting last on dog?

The pain caused by a nettle sting is usually only temporary. The burning sensation caused by the sting usually lasts between half an hour and a day.

If the symptoms last longer than 24 hours, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Your dog may be allergic to nettles, which is extremely rare.

VI. Can a dog be allergic to nettles?

Dogs too can be sensitive to allergies. Even though they usually tolerate nettles quite well, they can sometimes develop allergies.

Allergic reactions in this case manifest themselves as atopic dermatitis, i.e. inflammation of the skin. The dog may then start scratching and frantically licking itself.

VII. Can you feed nettles to your dog?

Nettle can do a lot for your dog’s health. This plant can act against pain, in addition to being an anti-anemic and diuretic.

You can make your dog consume nettle infusions, making sure that the preparations are lukewarm. Simply infuse a handful of dried nettle leaves for 10 to 15 minutes.

This infusion can be used to help to convalesce dogs or old dogs. Nettle infusion can also be applied to the dog’s skin in compresses, in cases of itching.

Also, you can mix nettle powder in a reasonable amount in the dog’s diet!

VIII- Can stinging nettles kill dogs?

Nettle stings are not at all dangerous to your dog or any other animal.

They are certainly unpleasant and can induce for a few hours a moment of intense itching for your dog. But these stings can in no way kill your feline pet.

As already mentioned, the itching effect can last for more than 24 hours in case your dog is allergic to this plant. This is very rare.

In this case, it is necessary to bring him back to the veterinarian urgently to avoid more suffering.

IX- Nettle stings on a dog’s belly

Usually, it is the paws that are the first to be affected by nettle stings. It is with this part of the body that the dog comes into contact with the nettles when running in the forest.

But it happens more often than we think that the dog does not feel the pain in his feet and runs like a happy madman into the sometimes very high nettles.

He may wallow to enjoy the green cushion that the nettle field provides.

In any case, it is necessary to clean his belly with warm water and to apply one of the remedies that we have suggested above, to soothe nettle stings on your dog.

X- Can dogs get their noses stung by nettles?

This is the same answer as for the belly. The dog sometimes, as usual, likes to discover things by smelling them.

It is with his highly developed sense of smell that he collects the different information concerning his habitat.

And in the case of the nettles, this will cause him harm and will make him cry and scream in pain for at least half an hour.

Because, as you know, the dog’s nose is very sensitive and the sensation of pain is much greater than the other parts of his body where he is protected by his fur.

Again, clean the nose as soon as possible and apply one of the natural remedies that we have suggested to soothe nettle stings on a dog.

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