Here are 10 benefits of clove for women (female use). A plant that we are used to using in our kitchen without knowing sometimes the treasures of virtues that it hides in its heart. Let’s see together these multiple advantages of a plant of everyday life as well as some ways of using it!

I- Brief Reminder On Cloves

The spice from the clove tree, the clove is the best friend of the woman. Women have the opportunity to have it at home in all its forms: whole or ground, to use it daily to improve their beauty.

Concretely, not only is clove cheap, but also, it provides innumerable virtues for the health of women in particular, and this in all countries and all cultures.

Women also use it in cooking for its powerful flavor.

In addition, clove has antibacterial, anesthetic, and antiseptic properties. It contains eugenol, an aromatic compound.

As an example, this spice is known to promote digestion and fight against dental pain.

 II- What are the Benefits of Clove for Women (Female Use)

a) What Does Clove Do for Skin?

Clove is recognized as a spice that has many benefits for skincare: antibacterial, healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, etc…

In addition to this, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to the skin.

Thus, the composition of clove can relieve skin inflammation, eliminate bacteria (a pimple forms when there is an abnormal proliferation of bacteria), disinfect the skin, and protect the unaffected areas.

# How to Use Clove for Skin?

You should know that clove oil is quite strong and can cause irritation to your skin if you use it alone.

That’s why you should always mix it with another vegetable oil to mitigate its effects.

So take a few drops of clove essential oil and mix it with another carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil.

Put a little in the palm of your hand, then start massaging with it, the part of your body you want to treat.

Then make circular motions to make the oil stick to the skin and ensure good blood circulation.

If it is for your face (or even another part of the body), you can repeat this massage with clove oil every night before going to sleep.

The results will be seen in just a few days.

# Benefits of Drinking Clove Water for Skin

Clove has many antibacterial and antifungal properties, which gives it a good place among the natural ingredients that are used to heal the skin.

Drinking clove water regularly helps in the treatment of acne and skin pimples.

Clove is a very powerful antioxidant, getting rid of free radicals, it helps to maintain the level of collagen in the body, which prevents premature aging of the skin.

Drinking clove water regularly drastically reduces the risk of allergies and the level of bacteria that swarm inside the skin.

This fact will help to make the skin healthier and good-looking.

Thus clove water prevents aging by giving more pep to the skin and the organs of metabolism in general.

Benefits of Drinking Clove Water for Skin

b) Cloves Benefits for Hair

Clove is an excellent ally for women’s hair. It is an excellent remedy to soothe skin inflammation, reduce dandruff and stimulate blood circulation when applied as a lotion to the scalp and hair.

It should be noted that hair growth is stimulated and its vitality is strengthened.

Before using it in massage on the scalp, you just have to make your hair lotion by adding a dozen ground cloves, the equivalent of 1 teaspoon, to warm water in a bottle.

You are advised to leave it on before rinsing or shampooing.

# Other Use of Clove for Hair

This is the same way we used it for the skin. Take one or two drops of clove oil in a spoon of almond or coconut oil preheated slightly.

Then massage the scalp with this preparation, starting from the root and going to the tip of the hair.

Leave it on for a few hours before washing your hair with your usual shampoo.

c) Clove and Mentruation

The clove is also very effective to relieve dysmenorrhoeas or painful menstruation.

Do not hesitate to use it in case of painful periods, even if it is more known in general to relieve dental pain.

d) Cloves for Anti-aging

The clove is an excellent natural remedy against the aging of the skin and cells of the body.

Indeed, it has remarkable anti-aging properties, especially the essential oil of clove.

e) It Helps to Weight Loss

Clove flowers contain the essence of eugenol which is a formidable anti-inflammatory. This is precisely why they are included in the ingredients of the slimming drink.

Clove will be even more effective when used in a global strategy of slimming by doing sports and regulating its lifestyle, as well as cider vinegar and lemon.

f) Is Clove Good for the Teeth?

Clove is also indicated to fight against dental and oral infections.

In a general way, the clove, due to its antiseptic, disinfectant, and local anesthetic properties, allows to relieve the toothaches, and more specifically in case of mouth ulcers, cavities, or to fight against gingivitis and periodontitis.

It is also an excellent anesthetic in case of dental pain, or it is enough to chew two nails to drastically reduce the toothache, at least for a certain time while waiting to go see your dentist.

g) Cloves Benefits for Women’s Fertility

Clove, reputed to be an aphrodisiac, joins ginger as a mythical food for sexual stimulation.

The action of clove, like that of ginger, is stimulating and warming.

h) Clove Fight against neuralgia

The clove poultice is strongly recommended to women when they have muscle or joint pains and neuralgia.

To do this, they must mix two teaspoons of ground cloves with green clay and a little water until a thick paste is obtained.

They should put this paste in a thin cloth and apply it to the painful area.

I) Is Cloves Good for Uterus, Vaginal and Urinary Infection

The effectiveness of the clove is not any more to show when it is a question of calming the pains of a vaginal or urinary infection.

In the same way, they are also recommended in the event of renal stones.

j) Cloves to Fight Against Bad Breath

Clove is a very fragrant spice, with bactericidal properties, help to keep the mouth fresh.

To do this, you can simply bite a clove (as for a toothache), or, if the feeling is unpleasant, just boil 5 cloves in half a liter of water and rinse your mouth with this decoction.

III- How to Use Cloves for Women Health

Cloves can be used in various ways. You can use it as a mouthwash.

Just put a few drops in water and make a mouthwash very effective because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, you can suck a clove after each meal to avoid a bad smell in the mouth.

This will allow you to have a good breath. Very good for the teeth and the breath.

Also, cloves effectively fight against hair loss. Take a few cloves, add olive oil and let it sit for 2 days then apply to hair.

IV- Is clove Dangerous for Women?

In principle, clove is a non-dangerous spice. However, you must use it in strict compliance with the recommended dosage.

If possible, consult your doctor before any medical use.

V- Clove in Cleansing Milk and Perfume

It seems that clove can help attract girls (which does not convince me personally).

According to the legend, you just have to crush 16 cloves and put them in your toilet milk or even your perfume.

Then let it sit for 3 days and start using it on the 4th day, it will make you visible to everyone.

You can then shower using this cleansing milk or perfume yourself with it if you preferred to put it in your perfume!

Let us specify that the fact that this trick works depends on the belief of everyone (Maybe it is a psychological effect).

VI- Eating Cloves Raw?

Eating raw cloves can help you cure cavities. Specifically, you need to grind two cloves.

Mix them in a little olive oil and apply to the tooth.

This is a treatment that is effective and gives you immediate relief.

It also helps to treat infected gums and gets rid of bad breath by destroying the bacteria in the mouth.

VII- Other Benefits of Clove for Women (and Men)

  • May help with bone health
  • Excellent for killing bacteria
  • Good for regulating blood sugar (good for diabetics)
  • May help fight and prevent cancer
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Relieve tooth and dental pain
  • Helps reduce stomach ulcers
  • May cleanse the liver
  • Prevention of food poisoning
  • Helps to get rid of tobacco addiction
  • Cleanses and clears the throat and lungs
  • May strengthen the immune system
  • It can help relieve muscle pain

VIII- Nutritionnel values of Clove (50 g)

  • Protein 2.99 g
  • Fat 10.03 g
  • Carbohydrates 30.61 g
  • Ash 2.94 g
  • Energy (kCal) 163 kCal
  • Alcohol 0 g
  • Water 3.43 g
  • Fiber 17.2 g
  • Alpha-linolenic acid LNA (18:3ω-3) (cis and/or trans) 2.12 g
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid EPA (20:5ω-3) 0 g
Side effects of Cloves for Women

IX- Side effects of Cloves for Women

Despite all the benefits of cloves, they should not be used, even as an herbal tea, over a long period. There is always a risk of toxicity for the liver.

On the other hand, the essential oil must be used with precaution and must be diluted in another vegetable oil to attenuate its strong concentration and thus to avoid possible inconveniences.

The essential oil of clove is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women. And it is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

People suffering from hypertension or having problems with the liver should not in no case use the clove, without having the opinion of their attending doctor.

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