Is bentonite clay good for weight loss? Can drinking bentonite clay help me lose weight? How does it act on the body to help it lose weight? What are the different methods of using clay? What are the correct dosage and instructions for use? And finally, what are the other benefits of bentonite clay?

I. Reasons for obesity and overweight

The reasons for obesity and overweight are numerous. First, lifestyle habits are one of the main causes of overweight.

By lifestyle habits, we mean the consumption of too much rich food. This, combined with a lack of physical activity, can lead to obesity.

The hectic pace of modern life is largely responsible for the phenomenon of obesity. A link has been established between the lack of sleep and obesity. It seems that a body that is not rested enough produces more ghrelin, the appetite hormone. So not getting enough sleep directly exposes you to weight gain.

Obesity also has psychological factors, such as depression. This condition can lead an individual to develop severe eating disorders, including bulimia.

It would be dangerous to believe that obesity is only due to individual behavior. Certain diseases, especially those affecting the endocrine glands, can disrupt hormones and cause obesity.

Similarly, a person’s genetic makeup also plays a role in weight gain. It is common for an obese person to have at least one parent in the same condition.

There is also the use of medications, such as antidepressants or corticosteroids, which can alter appetite and cause overweight.

II. Is it safe to ingest bentonite clay?

Ingestion of earth or clay has been done by humans and animals for a long time.

Bentonite clay has many benefits for the body and can be ingested very well.

Nevertheless, one must be sure of the quality of the clay and respect a strict dosage. Sometimes, for reasons of dosage, side effects can occur, such as constipation and bloating.

And another reason a bad quality of clay can be the origin of undesirable diseases such as the inflammation of a part of the digestive system.

III. Is bentonite clay good for weight loss

1. Draining effect

One of the physical causes of weight gain is water retention. It happens that the body retains liquids, especially in fatty pockets, instead of eliminating them. This causes a general heaviness of the body.

Clay is very effective in draining these liquids that are no longer useful to the body.

Because it has absorbing properties, bentonite clay facilitates the elimination of these liquids that cause cellulite and the sensation of heavy legs.

This draining action is essential when one seeks to lose weight.

2. Improves the digestive system

Transit problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, or bloating, prevent the body from having optimal weight.

The effectiveness of bentonite clay on various digestive disorders is no longer in question. Facilitating the digestion process, bentonite clay is a natural depurative. It helps to eliminate fats and regulates the acidity of the intestinal walls.

Consuming bentonite clay is a natural way to remedy the small ailments that we can have in our daily lives.

3. Cleansing of toxins from the body

The body stores toxins. Although the majority of them are naturally eliminated by the digestive process, it frequently happens that others remain stored.

Bentonite clay destroys toxins. Its minerals allow cleaning of the blood, but also the intestines.

It allows toxins to leave the body. On the intestinal wall, bentonite clay plays the role of a sponge, by absorbing gases and even heavy metals.

By helping to get rid of all these undesirable substances, bentonite clay lightens the body and allows a healthy weight loss.

4. Other benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, bentonite clay also has an action on the health of teeth and gums. Due to this, chewing and the digestion process itself are improved.

In case of stomach pains, bentonite clay brings relief due to its anti-inflammatory action.

IV. How to use bentonite clay for weight loss

1. How much time does a bentonite clay cure last?

A bentonite clay cure for weight loss lasts an average of one week. Normally, it should not exceed twenty days.

It is important not to put your clay in contact with metal containers, or to use clay that has already been used.

2. Drinking bentonite clay for weight loss

To drink bentonite clay and lose excess weight, you only need one glass a day.

To do this, dissolve 3 g of bentonite clay in a glass of mineral water. Let it sit overnight, and drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.

Start by drinking only the diluted water, leaving the clay deposit at the bottom of the glass.

You can begin to consume the clay milk once your body is used to it. From that moment on, you can stir the bottom of your glass to drink the whole mixture.

3. Bentonite clay wrap for weight loss

Mix 50 g of clay with 10 cl of cider vinegar, 10 cl of water, and 3 drops of grapefruit EO. With the paste thus obtained, spread a thick layer on the part of your body on which you want to act, and then cover it with cellophane paper.

Wait for 20 to 25 minutes before cleaning your body.

Still called slimming wrap, this method helps to burn fat and fights against orange peel skin.

4. bentonite clay bath for weight loss

To make a clay bath, dissolve 200 grams of bentonite clay in your bath water and stay there for 15 to 20 minutes.

Remember to spread the clay water all over your body, due to a glove. Then rinse thoroughly and dry yourself.

5. Bentonite Clay and Psyllium for Weight Loss

To cleanse your gut and lose weight better, mix a teaspoon of bentonite clay in a glass with the same amount of charcoal and blond psyllium.

Add water to the brim, stir with a wooden spoon and drink the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

6. Which other clay is best for weight loss?

Kaolin or white clay is used for weight loss. Much consumed in Africa, kaolin is used as an effective appetite suppressant, which can be very useful in the case of diet.

However, be careful not to abuse it, because kaolin can cause addiction and anemia if consumed too often.

7. Do you take bentonite clay on an empty stomach?

To lose weight with bentonite clay, many people drink it. Simply dilute 3 g of clay in a glass of water the day before, and drink the clay water in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

The clay will protect your stomach and purify your body.

8. Can I mix bentonite clay with honey?

As a face mask for oily skin, you can mix bentonite clay with honey. Apply the resulting paste to your clean, dry face and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

9. Can you mix bentonite clay with lemon juice?

To get rid of blackheads on your face, mix clay powder with lemon juice and 3 drops of tea tree EO.

Put it on your clean and dry face for 20 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.

10. Can you mix bentonite clay with turmeric?

Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with 1 teaspoon of clay and 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil. Use warm water to make a paste and apply it to your clean, cleansed face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

11. How long does it take to get results with bentonite clay?

The time it takes for the clay to work is not easy to determine. In a face mask, you will see results almost immediately.

As for weight loss, clay must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. It is only during the treatment that you will notice changes.

11. How long does it take to see results from bentonite clay?

The time it takes for the clay to work is not easy to determine. In a face mask, you will see results almost immediately.

As for weight loss, clay must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. It is only during the treatment that you will notice changes. 

V. Other benefits of bentonite clay

1. Bentonite clay and cellulite

Cellulite can appear in different parts of the body. It gives the skin a padded appearance, with a bumpy effect to the touch.

Using clay can help the skin affected by cellulite. To do this, apply it to the affected area.

Simply mix clay powder with a little water. It is even possible to add citrus essential oils.

After about 30 minutes, rinse your skin with cold water.

2. Bentonite clay and liver

Cleansing the liver is important to maintain good intestinal health.

Bentonite clay is a very good alternative to keeping a healthy liver. For its good health, the liver needs minerals, and clay is full of them.

To cleanse your liver, drink clay water or clay milk. Otherwise, it is also possible to make a bentonite clay poultice. This one is to be applied on the right part of the bust.

3. Bentonite clay and joint pain

In cases of joint pain, clay can also work miracles.

To do this, apply it as a poultice or paste on the affected or painful area. The clay will act on the pain as well as on the stiffness of the joint.

It can be used for sprains as well as for arthritis or osteoarthritis.

4. Skin and hair detox

Clay has long been used for health care. You can use it for your face masks, even more, if you have oily skin.

It will purify the skin and soften it.

For the hair, it is possible to use bentonite clay in the mask. Paste, associated with specific vegetable oils, will clean your hair. 

5. Acne

Beauty treatments with bentonite clay are very common. The benefits of clay on beauty and the body are innumerable.

Indeed, clay masks can fight against acne. They are perfect for oily skin.

6. Can remove heavy metals

Once absorbed, bentonite clay can eliminate heavy metals from the body. It is also used in this way for the health of certain animals in contact with heavy metals. Fish and farm animals can be treated with clay.

7. Constipation Relief

If you suffer from constipation, bentonite clay can provide relief. The clay is rich in various minerals and can help restore intestinal flora.

Drink a glass of clay water prepared the day before every morning for several days. Drink a lot of water as well.

8. Stop diarrhea

Some diarrhea is caused by bacteria. The antibacterial properties of clay make it a perfect food to get rid of diarrhea.

Drinking clay helps to cleanse the body and enrich it with minerals.

9. sunburn protection

Bentonite clay poultice is a perfect way to heal sunburns. Apply it to the affected parts of your body and leave it on for 1 hour. You will feel relieved afterward.

10. Relieves diaper rash

In case of diaper rash in your baby, mix clay with water to make a smooth paste.

Apply it to your baby’s raw bottom before putting on his diaper. The clay will stay moist and your baby’s bottom will be protected and heal quickly.

VI. Does bentonite clay help with bloating?

Yes, bentonite clay is indeed an asset in the case of bloating. The virtues of green clay in the case of digestive disorders are no longer to be proven. Green clay acts as well on bloating as on stomach pains.

If you are bloated, you can take a glass of clay water after your meal.

VII. Dangers of drinking bentonite clay?

If bentonite clay is recommended by many for weight loss, it is a compound that often contains elements that can be toxic.

Increased consumption of bentonite clay can cause hypertension and constipation. By acting on intestinal acidity, bentonite clay in large doses can cause intestinal perforation or electrolyte imbalance.

It is important to be careful and even, if possible, to consult a health professional before starting.

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