How to Use Bay Leaf Essential Oil for Stress

How to use bay leaf essential oil for stress? How does noble laurel essential oil work? What synergy do we recommend? And finally, what are the other virtues of this oil?

I. Why the noble laurel (and its oil)?

The noble laurel, Laurus nobilis, is a perennial shrub with evergreen foliage and dark gray bark that belongs to the family Lauraceae.

It should be noted that this family includes two varieties: on the one hand, the narrow-leaf bay (Laurus Nobilis Angustifolia) and on the other hand the golden bay (Laurus Nobilis Laurea).

Native to southern Europe and the Middle East, the noble laurel can grow up to six meters in height.

The leaves of the noble laurel, like all parts of the plant: leathery, lanceolate, and with wavy edges, are rich in essential oil.

This essential oil of noble laurel has many benefits.

In the Mediterranean regions, this shrub adapts to all soils. It should be noted that it is in autumn that the seedlings and cuttings of the noble laurel are carried out.

Let us see now how to use the essential oil of the noble laurel against the stress and the various synergies that one could make there.

II. How to use bay leaf essential oil for stress?

1. How does it act on stress and anxiety?

It should be said at the outset that the leaves of bay leaves are much appreciated for their aromatic power in culinary preparations.

Indeed, these leaves can make one of the best essential oils that promote concentration and self-confidence in all tests.

The essential oil of noble laurel (Laurus Nobilis) is an oil that is not only soothing but also tranquilizing.

It is an oil that is especially indicated against stress related to excessive shyness, as before speaking in public.

The essential oil of noble laurel, before an examination and more precisely an oral examination or a speech, would not only stimulate self-confidence but also would support concentration and relaxation.

2. Using Bay leaf essential oil for stress

The essential oil of laurel is usable against stress in different ways, and depending on the situation.

It is recommended to consume, in case of stress related to a strong shyness, 1 to 2 drops of essential oil of laurel diluted in honey or with a lump of sugar.

You must do it 3 times a day during the few days which precede the stressful event.

Also, it should be added that this essential oil of laurel is effective in olfaction. Indeed, it is advised to you to apply in a first time a drop of pure essential oil or not on the wrists, in a second time rub your wrists then breathe them.

The essential oil of laurel, in case of anxiety, anxiety, or latent depression, is used diluted in vegetable oil, and massaged on the solar plexus, along the spine, and under the feet.

Also, we must not forget to say that the essential oil of laurel is irritating to the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute it to 20 % in vegetable oil before any cutaneous application. It is necessary concretely to dilute 20 % of essential oil with 80 % of vegetable oil.

3. Synergy

Synergy is an action where the cumulative effect of two components of a mixture is greater than the sum of the individual effects of the components.

You can make a synergy based on the following ingredients: 50 drops of essential oil of Black Spruce, 50 drops of essential oil of Peppermint, and 50 drops of essential oil of Noble Laurel.

Regarding the use, you must apply 1 drop of the mixture on the inside of each wrist and breathe deeply.

III. What are the other virtues of the Noble Laurel?

1. Essential oil of bay leaf against mycosis

In aromatherapy, noble bay has many benefits. Thanks to the molecule 1.8 cineole present at about 40%, the essential oil of bay is recognized as an antifungal.

Thus, it fights Candida albicans, yeasts responsible for most mycoses.

As regards the cutaneous mycosis and of the nail for example, it is necessary for you to pour, until total cure, 1 drop of essential oil of noble laurel on the affected zone 2 to 3 times per day.

You should not use this oil for three consecutive weeks. It is recommended to take a break of one week before starting again.

2. Noble Laurel essential oil and diarrhea

Recognized as a digestive tonic, the essential oil of noble laurel acts effectively on intestinal disorders such as diarrhea.

3. The essential oil of the noble laurel and the coronavirus

According to the explanations of a specialist, the use of essential oils, in case of proven infection to the coronavirus, is advised in order to modulate not only the immune and inflammatory reaction but also to help the body to better manage the immune shock and to support the forces of self-healing and to weaken more quickly the virus.

One of these essential oils that can help you against the coronavirus is noble laurel (I say that with all reserves). You need to make a mixture using this essential oil and various others in a tinted glass bottle of 30 ml with a dropper.

For the realization of this recipe, it is necessary to have at your disposal the following ingredients: 10 ml of tea tree EO (Melaleuca alternifolia) antiviral, 10 ml of noble laurel EO (Laurus nobilis) also antiviral, 5 ml of EO of copahu balsam (Copaiba Officinalis) or ginger (Zingiber Officinalis) immune stimulants and 5 ml of EO of thyme linalol (Thymus vulgaris CT linalol) or frankincense olibanum (Boswelia carterii) immune stimulant, antitussive.

4. Digestive benefits

Noble laurel essential oil has been used traditionally to support digestion and reduce symptoms of indigestion, bloating, and gas. It may help to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and bile, promoting the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

5. The essential oil of the noble laurel for hair

The essential oil of laurel is good for hair because it is rich in antioxidants. It purifies and tones the scalp.

It not only makes the hair shiny and strong but also stimulates its growth.

6. Other benefits of the essential oil of the noble laurel

The essential oil of noble laurel is used in cosmetic aromatherapy, as a skin revitalizer, because it has regenerating properties.

It can be incorporated into a mixture for respiratory purposes.

IV. Potential Dangers of the essential oil of the noble laurel?

The majority of specialists recommend prudent use of the essential oil of noble laurel and insist on the fact that it can cause sensitization of allergic-type in certain people.

They are all unanimous on this. Therefore, it is recommended that you do allergy testing.

The use of the essential oil of laurel in a cutaneous way is prohibited in children before 6 years and in pregnant women before 3 months because they have sensitive skin.

It should be added, that in high doses, the essential oil of laurel can be narcotic (drowsiness).

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